Choose your headphone!

The SBD HD8-BLACK is the working horse of our rental fleet. We’ve been using this headphone for 10 years with great satisfaction, due to the ease of use and great quality. This product features the use of AAA batteries.
  • Starting from € 30
  • Battery powered (2 units AAA)
  • Synthetic housing
  • Channel switcher (3 positions)
  • Replaceable ear pads
The SDB HD9-RGB is the high-end brother of the HD8-BLACK. We offered these headphones due to the robust build, the LED lights in the ear pads, and the internal battery, which makes it rechargeable.
  • Starting from € 34
  • Rechargeable (internal battery)
  • RGD LED lights in the ear pads
  • Metal / rubber / synthetic housing
  • Channel switcher (3 positions)