Sophie Schijf Organiseert produces the introduction of ArtEZ, the College for the Arts, for many years. A serious introduction, with lots of workshops and presentations. But an intro is not an intro without a big closing party. Seeing as we are located in the middle of an urban area with about 300 first year students, there is not much possible without creating an extreme disturbance. We had to look for it, but two years go we stumbled upon Silent Disco Box! The best invention ever. We have had a fantastic closing party for two years in a row and the students have danced and enjoyed themselves till the early morning light. No disturbance, no complaining neighbours, and no police on our doorstep. But we did have an amazing party!
As a producer, the Silent Disco Box is ideal. The box was delivered well in advance and everything was working, it’s easy to connect and there were more than enough batteries. I recommend everybody who wants a great silent party to use Silent Disco Box!