Schools have started agains and that in a very strange time.

The Netherlands was turned upside down in mid-March 2020. Schools closed, teachers worked from home and without being able to make any preparations, we are now 6 months further. The education sector has innovated enormously in the field of remote teaching. Now the time has finally come, the schools are reopening. Students and teachers are starting to find the old familiar again. But now you have to follow lessons at a distance of one and a half meters (5 feet). How on earth are we going to ensure that? That is currently the most important question in education. The Academy box is an innovative solution that makes it possible to take classes appropriately in groups and to comply with all safety guidelines. With the help of headphones and microphone from Silent Disco Box, personal contact and interaction between students and teachers is again possible.

Both teachers and students indicate that they have experienced the Academy Box as very positive.

In the second week of September, Silent Disco Box ran a pilot with Avans University of Applied Sciences. During this pilot, students were spread out over large room with a minimum distance of 5 feet from each other. The teacher used a wireless microphone and the students each had their own headphones. By working with the Silent Disco Box system, there was no delay between speech and reception. Students were also less distracted as the teacher heard them directly and did not experience any outside noise. Some students were even able to follow the lesson from another room. The teacher was able to talk quietly, which saved a lot of energy, and there was also a lot less buzz during the lesson.

How it works.

The plug and play system consists of a transmitter, a wireless microphone (headset), a microphone that can be passed through the class and of course our headphones. The teacher puts the plug in the socket and the lesson can start. Silent Disco Box offers two different headphones. The first option has three channels and the second option has tne channels. Each lesson gets its own channel. In total, 13 different lessons could be taught simultaneously. Our products are easy to clean and safe to use.

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Packages based on 20 headphones and 1 control set. Prices are excl. 21% VAT. Other configurations possible.

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